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What watches should wear after 30 years old

A man’s behavior of wearing a watch will be a little broad if he only uses the words of identity and strength, such as’ external image ‘,’ internal taste ‘,’ economic ability ‘and so on, which can be displayed through watches.

After the age of 30, men began to gradually form their own independent taste of life. It seemed that they no longer need any exaggerated things to support them. Even a wrist watch began to re-examine its value.

Compared with brands and labels that boast high popularity, they seem to need a wrist accessory with strong uniqueness, authenticity and self-awareness.

The premise of taste should start from the appearance. As an important accessory for men, watches should not be disorderly, but should echo their own taste with aesthetics.

In terms of aesthetic technology, watch brands that adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship have done well in this regard.

Our watches have excellent appearance, stable performance and excellent workmanship, which can inadvertently flow out your taste and improve your overall aura at the age of 30, which is the most charming time.

Almost every series and model of our watches are tailored for men in this field. With unique design , we are committed to creating enduring watches for consumers, and always adhere to the first-class, accurate and superior quality, never compromising.

If you are a formal clothes lover or need to wear formal clothes often for professional reasons, this 70th anniversary model is very suitable for you.

Inspired by the elegant suit style, the design of the watch skillfully integrates the layering of shirts, ties and suits into the design of the nested hollow out dial. The upper and lower layers of the dial are separated by regular curves. The upper layer is herringbone pattern, and the lower layer is paisley pattern.

The lower half hollow disk design can explore the operation of the balance wheel, and the paisley pattern at the opening is particularly interesting to set off with the dial. The iconic dynamic storage and small second disk design is meaningful and magnificent. The back transparent bottom is equipped with ‘f6f44’ movement, 50 hour dynamic storage, 100 meter waterproof.

Matching formal clothes is the feeling of a refined gentleman, while matching polo shirts gives people a gentle and modest gentleman style, which can be described as a perfect interpretation of the beauty of “Western gentlemen, Oriental gentlemen”.

Men after the age of 30 do not necessarily need to have eight abdominal muscles, but they will start to pay attention to body management. Self discipline is always the most attractive charm of men.

A sports watch can help you accurately control the rhythm. This watch is decorated with a 43.6mm enchanting green disc in golden color. It is full of vitality and cool, demonstrating a unique watchmaking art aesthetics.

The pointer and time scale have luminous effect, and the time can be clearly read in the dark. The one-way rotating watch ring is decorated with fine knurling and has a professional 200 meter waterproof standard. It combines fashion design with sports performance to highlight the extraordinary style of the watch. Equipped with ’46-f6′ movement, it provides 50 hours of dynamic storage, which can easily meet daily needs.

When you stop for a short rest and raise your hand, others pick up your mobile phone, while you show a master mechanical watch. Whether it’s taste or style, you are much more decent than others in terms of reading tools.

The classic sense of Gothic tradition comes from the integration of traditional watchmaking skills and modern design. The 38.7mm dial size design and dark brown leather strap bring the wearer a sense of luxury and high-end.

The biggest highlight of this watch is the scale font in the dial, which adopts the Orient Gothic font used by “New Orient”, which is called “Orient chubby Gothic” by watch collectors.

The drawing process of the dial creates a gradual radial pattern, which shines luxuriously under the light! With willow leaf pointer, Chinese style and Western style are integrated to achieve the beauty of watch art.

Wearing it in the workplace, the sense of elitism is self-evident; Wearing it in life also has a sense of leisure. The gold-plated color matching gives people a sense of gilded years.

Only those who really love watches and pursue life taste will choose to wear watches. It is very important to like them from the bottom of my heart. A man with good taste of life does not necessarily wear a watch, but the man who wears a watch has a unique charm when he understands the object in his hand thoroughly and can tell it clearly.

Let our watches bring you man charm
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